THE BLACK BELT and beyond . . .


To earn the status of Black Belt takes a lot of commitment, practice, sweat and also a few tears!

The syllabus is tough but once earned makes the Black Belt all that much more special. It is an achievement which will be recognised and revered by many – not only within the sport – but in the outside world too.

In order to attempt a 1st Dan Black Belt the student must first complete the following: 

Completed 1 years training at the level of Brown Belt (including sessions with the club’s head Sensei)
Attained a Level 5 Weapons (Kobudo) certificate
Passed a ‘Pre-Grade’ test of the Stanford Warriors’ Yellow to Brown syllabus 
Passed an ‘Anatomy Test’ (This is a written exam with an expected 90% pass mark)

The student must also ensure that they are fit to grade, and have up to date insurance and club membership. 

The 1st Dan Grading will be performed in front of all the club’s existing Black Belts, and be chaired the Senior Association Sensei. 

For all subsequent Dan grades, a similar pattern is in place, with the student being required to pass further weapons assessments, as well contributing something back to the club since their last grading. 1st and 2nd Dans are also expected to attend at least two gradings in the role of ‘stooge’ and/or be expected to take the place of an injured/ missing partner.


The Black Belts and Dan Grade Timescales:

1st Dan / Shodan1 year

2nd Dan / Nidan2 years

3rd Dan / Sandan – 3 years

4th Dam / Yondan 4 years

5th Dan / Godan - Minimum of 1 year per grade and by invitation only

6th Dan / Rokudan – as above

7th Dan / Sichidanas above

8th Dan / Hachidanas above

9th Dan / Kudanas above

10th Dan / Judanas above


Dan gradings are held twice a year - separately from the Kyu (coloured belt) grades - for all those invited to attend, and having met the required criteria.


IMPORTANT NOTE : The Stanford Warriors Ju-Jitsu Association believe that the attaining the status of Black Belt is a special honour within the sport, and as such, the various syllabus' should be reserved strictly for those attempting their specified Dan grade ONLY.

Although some other clubs freely publish their own syllabus requirements/contents on-line, we feel that our Dan grade syllabus, should only be made available in-house to our students directly (This also applies to our Junior Black Belt Syllabus)

However, should you like to know more about the Black Belt/Dan Grade syllabus, please feel free to speak to any of our Senior Black Belts and/or coaches within our many clubs.