GILLIAN MALLON (aka 'The Boss')

Gill is in charge of pretty much everything to do with Stanford Warriors, hence her nickname 'The Boss'. She is our lead ambassador, and is the welcoming face at many of our weekend classes.

Gill oversees the day to day running of the Association, plus the administration, organisation and decision making for the many events that take place involving Stanford Warriors [and it's associated clubs]. 

Gill takes her role very seriously as both assistant, to [husband] Sensei Brian Mallon, and as mentor to all the students both young and old alike. She will often be the one person students - and parents - turn to for help with any problems or concerns, and her support is highly regarded within, not just our clubs, but the British Ju-Jitsu Association (BJJA) as a whole.

Without Gill, there wouldn't be a Stanford Warriors!

(We all think she's secretly a 12th Dan!) 



Kay is the official Association [Club] Secretary and Gradings Co-Ordinator.

You will often find Kay beavering away every Tuesday and Friday night, as she is the club administrator for [husband] Sensei Scott's club's. 

Kay also is responsible for the admin behind many of the Association's competitions and special events, including the popular 'Christmas Winter Ball'.



Considered, by many, to be the bravest, toughest and most hardened Warrior of them all - as she is married to Sensei Steve (!) - Karen is the administrator of the Hadleigh and Benfleet clubs.

Karen works phenominally hard, working behind the scenes, and can often be seen assisting the club (and the students) at their various competitions and events. She has become a very popular - and valuable - member of the team! 




Bridie is Stanford Warriors’ official Licensing Officer, she is also jointly responsible (alongside Gill and the Admin Team), for the organisation and running of all the club’s many competitions and special events.

Bridie is also a 2nd Dan Black Belt, Level 2 Coach and Level 5 Weapons Instructor.

(also see 'Coaching Team')