How old do you have to be to train and learn Ju-Jitsu ?

Ju-Jitsu training can start from as young as four, up to any age, as long as you are reasonable fit and mobile. 

(You are never too old to learn something new!)

How / Where do I obtain a Gi and other training gear ?

When you first start, comfortable training clothes (T-shirt and joggers) can be worn. Once you decide to join and continue training, our Clubs can supply Gi's (training suits) at reasonable rates. As you progress through the Kyu grades, all the weapons required for Kobudo, are also available to purchase.

(Competition gear is also available to students wishing to partake in National/International events)

Why do I need a Licence ?

Although the accident rate is low, Ju-Jitsu is a close contact (and, at times, a tough) combat sport. It is therefore very important to have a licence, which gives 'Accident Insurance Cover'. The licence will need to be renewed annually as part of your subscription to the Association. 

Does Ju-Jitsu get you fit ?

The Ju-Jitsu class structure usually starts with a warm up, consisting of various stretching and body exercises. This is followed by the Ju-Jitsu syllabus techniques. This whole process inevitably improves your general fitness levels, flexibility and improves stamina - all of which equips you better for the rigours of day-to-day life outside the Dojo! 

How can I be sure I'm getting quality coaching ?

The BJJA structure is designed to ensure that all their Coaches deliver safe, quality Ju-Jitsu. The 'Coach Award' system is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. All BJJA Clubs are required to have a qualified BJJA Coach, who holds a First Aid Certificate and full Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII). The Association also has a strict Child Protection Policy (CPP), and ensures ALL Coaches have completed the required Personal Disclosure Documents, prior to being granted a Club licence.

All our coaches have been fully DBS - Disclosure Barring Service (formerly CRB) - approved. 

What happens at my child’s first class ?

All classes begin with the students taking to the training mat and greeting their Sensei. At this time, the club’s Sensei will introduce the new children to the class, and then invite them to join in with the warm-up. Once warmed up the children go off into groups - determined by belt colour and ability - for their syllabus training.

At this point, one of the Sensei’s/Coaches, will spend a little time with the new starters, teaching/performing very basic rolls and break-falls to help them relax and feel involved with the session. Following a quick break for refreshments, it’s back on the training mat for more fun and games.

Once the session has ended the children are ready to go home...usually wanting to practice all they have been taught on Mum and Dad! (You have been warned!)

My child is reluctant to stay on their own. Can I stay with them ?

Of course! We invite the Parents/Guardians to stay and watch for the first week or two. Usually students settle in quite quickly.

The beauty of Ju-Jitsu, is that it builds confidence, and most parents are surprised at how quickly their child forget all about Mum or Dad watching.

Is my child insured at the Association/Club ?

Yes, the club is required to hold Insurance. Once a child reaches five years old they are required, by law, to register with a recognised body. 

We are registered with the British Ju-Jitsu Association of Great Britain.

A licence will be issued through Stanford Warriors (by the BJJA) and is renewable yearly.

Do I need to purchase gloves, head guards (etc.) for my child ?

We have a limited number of gloves and head guards, within the club, that the children can use whilst training and competing. However, many of the children like to have their own equipment, and this is available from the club at reduced rates. 

Because of the varying quality of marshal art equipment available on-line, we ask that parents refrain from buying equipment outside of the club. Sensei Mallon approves all the equipment, sold via Stanford Warriors, in order to ensure the safety of your child and other students.  




If you have any further questions that you would like answered, please contact us directly (see 'Contacts' page), or speak to any of our Senior Sensei's within our various clubs.

We are always happy to help, and it is our primary goal to ensure that you and/or your child are made to feel part of the amazing Stanford Warriors family!


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