Stanford Warriors is a family run club whose aim is to teach our students, both young and old, the ancient martial art of ju jitsu - in a safe, friendly and fun environment. This is a responsibility which we take very seriously.


At Stanford Warriors we have a large number of students under the age of 16. With this in mind, we have adopted a strict and robust Child Protection Policy [CPP]

To ensure the safety of all the children under our care, all of our Coaches


  • have had a full DBS [Disclosure and Barring] Check (formerly known as a CRB)
  • have gained a recognised coaching qualification from the National Governing Body (BJJAGB)
  • are regularly assessed and trained by Sensei Mallon in order to ensure they are coaching to the required standards
  • have gained a valid certificate/qualification in First Aid

Stanford Warriors recognises the importance of Child Protection, and the concerns parents have for their children's safety. Whilst we do not encourage parents to stay and watch their children train (as this can be a distraction for them), we are happy to accommodate on request.


Stanford Warriors' coaches endeavour to develop fun, working relationships with all of our Students, however, we have a strict code of conduct which clearly states that


'NO coach should engage in an inappropriate relationship with a student of ANY age'.


Whilst we are aware that relationships can develop with people in sport, it is our view that our coaches are in a position of trust, and an inappropriate relationship between a student and a coach is a serious abuse of this confidence.

As a member of the BJJAGB, Stanford Warriors is also subject to the governing body's enforced Child Protection arrangements. Any concerns about a child at Standford Warriors should be reported to either one of our senior coaches, or referred to the BJJAGB directly.


All complaints will be dealt with in a confidential and sensitive manner. 

We are extremely lucky that all of our coaches at Stanford Warriors are full time members of the club. In most cases too, our team have their own children training within the club. This ensures that we continue to provide a family friendly environment in which to learn and practice Ju-Jitsu. 



On occasion, Stanford Warriors will use/take still photography and/or video. This is kept as strictly the property of Stanford Warriors, and is used [on occasion] on our website and Facebook pages, to promote classes and the on-going work of Stanford Warriors. The club works on the assumption that any of our students may be filmed, however if you do have any concerns about this, please speak to one of our Sensei's or coaching staff.

Likewise, a parent is free to film and photograph their own children during any of the club competitions and/or gradings.


Parents are not permitted to film during classes, unless prior permission has been granted by the senior Sensei, or club runner, present. 


Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Stanford Warriors enforces a zero tolerance drug policy within the club. We are a family club and as such are in full support of the UKAD (United Kingdom Anti doping in Sport) and WADA (World Anti Doping Association).

If you have any concerns, or suspect that there may be an issue relating to drugs within the club, please contact the club's management immediately. All communication/discussions will be treated with the utmost discretion and privacy.