Our children’s syllabus has been painstakingly developed (over a number of years), to cater for all age ranges and abilities. It is a unique syllabus, which allows each student to progress through all of the traditional [Adult] coloured belts, in a ‘stage by stage’ format – no matter what age they start learning.

The syllabus is constantly evolving – and the Senior Sensei’s often review and adapt according to individual requirements. We have been lucky enough to see many of our Pee-Wee student’s progress [right through the syllabus] and attain their Junior Black Belt award.

Sensei Angela was one of the first young students to grade under Sensei Brian for her Junior Black Belt. All these years later, she now runs her own clubs, teaching the very same syllabus to her own Pee-Wee and Junior students. 

We are proud to say that this format is exclusive to the Stanford Warriors Ju-Jitsu Association, and one which has helped produce some outstanding young talent over the years.

For more information about our children’s classes, please contact any of our Senior Sensei’s or Club Runners.

For more information about our children’s syllabus, please contact Sensei Brian or Sensei Scott directly.


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