AT THE MOVIES : The Stanford Warrior Demos


At regular intervals throughout the year, Stanford Warriors perform a number of Ju-Jitsu Demos and/or Shows in and around the Borough. These events showcase the variety of activities we teach our children; from Sparring and Ground Fighting, through to Random Attacks, Kata and (not forgetting) some spectacular Weapons Displays. Our Demo’s have ranged from just a handful of kids, right up to an entire club, and [from time to time] the occasional OTT Adult display!

As often as possible we try to film these shows [to keep in the Club’s archives] as a permanent reminder of what the kids have achieved on their journey to becoming a Black Belt. Occasionally, however, these Demos have been made available to the parents, as they have been simply too good to lock away!

In the Summer of 2007, Stanford Warriors sold out the Corringham Village Hall for one of the biggest Demos they have ever attempted to put on. Such was its immense success, that the footage was edited into the club’s first ever official full length movie; 'THE WAY OF THE WARRIORS'.

An equally ambitious sequel followed in 2008, alongside an 'epic' 4 hour DVD event covering the whole of the club's Junior Ju-Jitsu Championships.

Entertaining, Funny and sometimes spectacular, these films are a great testament to the students of Stanford Warriors!

Keep your eyes peeled for future releases… never know when they might appear! 

This clip is taken from the 'HADLEIGH 2012' DVD, and features Sensei Steve in action (1973 style!)

During the 2012 London Olympiccs, Stanford Warriors put on a small show at their Hadleigh club. Hadleigh itself, was the location of the games' Olympic Moutain Bike Trials - and we were lucky enough to have one of the Olympic Torch runners with us on the day (with torch in tow!)