The coloured belts used in Ju-Jitsu are also known as Kyu Grades. Starting as a novice, you will work your way up through the belts - from Yellow to Brown - where you will then get the opportunity to be assessed for the 1st Dan Black Belt (Shodan). Each belt has a minimum timescale before a grading can take place. There is no limit as to how long it ultimately takes you, though bear in mind, your Sensei may encourage you otherwise!

Note: Gradings may include Touch Sparring / Punching & Kicking (conducted at the Senior Sensei's discretion)


3 Months (min)

Mat Etiquette
Rear Strangles
Front Strangles
Straight Arm Lock
Hip Throws
Shoulder Arm Lock
Recumbent Ankle Throws
Knife Attacks



3 Months (min)

Hip Throw / Shoulder Arm Lock
Hip Throw / Crossover Lock
Defence to Kicks to the Head
(whilst on the Ground)
Arm Locks
Shoulder Arm Locks
Wrist Locks
Wrist Throw
Reclining Leg Throw
Breaking Ground Strangles
Breaking Hair Grabs
Knife Attacks




6 Months (min)

Body Drop Throws
Half Shoulder Throws
Leg Throws
Dropping Full Shoulder Throws
Back Hammer Locks
Crab Claw Scissors
Attacking / Defending Sweeping Loins
Cross Hock Throws
Drawing Ankle Throw
Inside Hock
Stamp Throw
Methods of Escape
(when held over and under arms)
Knee Wheel Throw
Bar Chokes
Variations on Shoulder Throws
Kata / Variations of Strangles
Hold Down / Double Arm Lock
Rice Bale Throws
Escape From Full / Half Nelsons
Front Scissors Throw
Knife Attacks


3 Months (min)

Loin / Hip Wheels
Escape From Head Chancery
Counters to Bar Chokes
Variations on Holding Down
Breaking Strangles on the Ground
Dropping Body Drops
Scissors / Naked Chokes
Spring Hip Throw
Front Scoop Throw
Indian Death Locks
Downward Inside Forearm Blocks
Roundhouse Kicks Whilst Walking
Sleeper Hold
Outside Forearm Blocks
Blue Belt Knife Attacks
Counters using Various Techniques
3 Months (min)

Valley Drop Throw
Counters to Straight Arm Lock
Counters to Arm and Collar holds
Counters to Bar Chokes
Roundhouse Kick to Kidneys
Upward / Rising Blocks
Upward Inside Forearm Blocks
Downward Inside Forearm Blocks
Front Kick followed by Side Kicks
Full Shoulder Throws
Head, Hip and Knee Throw
Side Thrust Kicks
Front Snap Kicks
Wedge Block
Shoulder Wheel Throw
Demonstration of Pressure Points
Holding and Locking Techniques
Knife Attacks
6 Months (min)

Inner / Outer Winding Throws
Leg Sweeps
Rolling Ankle Throw
Corner Throws
Rear Throws
Cross Ankle Throws
Leg Wheel Throws
Outer Wheel Throws
Outer Hook
Stomach Throws
Throwing an Opponent from Behind
Shoulder Dislocation
Dropping Reverse Body Drop Throws
Shoulder Crash Throw
Palm Heel Strikes
Upward Block / Knife Hand to Neck
Knife Hand to neck with Kicks
Escape when Held by Both Arms
Side / Upward Kicks to Knee Cap
One Armed Blocking Techniques
Attacking Back of Legs
Arm and Shoulder Throw
Roundhouse Kicks from the Ground
Side Snap Kick and Roundhouse Kicks
One Handed Throws
3 Man Attacks
All Knife Attacks

Further information . . . 

Kyu gradings are held approximately every 3 months where all students invited to grade will meet. The student has to meet certain criteria before they can grade. These are:


•   The required minimum timescale for learning their belt has elapsed

•   Has attended the required number of sessions/classes

•   Has trained regularly

•   Has been invited by the Sensei to grade

•   Has up to date Insurance and Club/BJJA Membership


All students of the same grade will perform the techniques from the syllabus at the same time (unless stated otherwise by the Senior Sensei). Senior Instructors will assess the group to ensure they have understood and practised the move/s correctly, and that they can demonstrate the techniques to the best of thier ability.

This way it ensures that the teaching is consistent and is to the high standards required.


However, it is important to note that the gradings are not designed to be an intimidating experience. They are, in point of fact, developed to allow the student/s to show off their skills to other members of their club.


Having said that, most  students do experience a certain amount of nerves in the run up to the 'big day'!

(We like to think it all adds to the experience!)